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Server-job-resume, a database containing resumes from job seekers including those from recruitment site monster worldwide inc has been found exposed online in what is likely another case of a misconfigured cloud. The server held the resumes of job applicants spanning and included private information such as phone numbers home addresses email addresses and prior work experience techcrunch, some of them came from job site monster com according to the news site techcrunch a monster com official said the server with the files was owned by a recruitment firm monster com sells resumes to. Personal details from resumes and cvs from job seekers were exposed after a server belonging to a recruitment company that was a customer of monster com and others was left unprotected monster com, this server was too taken down with the help of cncert 84 8 million chinese resumes exposed current salary work history education skills trainings received sallary of all previous jobs jain.

You may be wondering how to incorporate that job experience into your resume being a waiter or waitress is an occupation that requires multiple skill sets and customer service abilities proudly list, an exposed web server storing rsums of job seekers including from recruitment site monster has been found online the server contained rsums and cvs for job applicants spanning.

A security researcher has discovered an exposed web server online which contained resumes of job seekers from the recruitment site monster after further inspection resumes and cvs for job applicants, a misconfigured cloud server is thought to be behind a database containing resumes from job seekers many from the recruitment site monster worldwide inc being found exposed online according to a. Sensitive personal data uploaded to a popular recruitment site has been found exposed on an unsecured web server after a third party client other documents belonging to an undisclosed number of, serving jobs are the backbone of the restaurant industry according to the u s bureau of labor statistics more than 2 26 million americans called serving their job in 2010 in her book "waiting:.

According to tech crunch an exposed web served contained resumes of applicants from however the job search platform refused to provide the name of the recruitment agency who owns the server