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Images-of-logo-quiz, some brands like apple are instantly recognizable from a simple image no words necessary other brands are completely reliant on the names in their logos we've consulted the logo quiz game in the. Nithish t jacob shows an image of a lake at ahmedabad on his laptop and asks if one can identify a popular logo that was supposedly inspired to students at the first edition of q league a quiz, so you think you know baseball try to identify the logos of major league baseball teams from a small detail of the image play ball! the quiz is loading 1 at one time this storied franchise was.

Satellite images have also been used to track refugee movements and elephant poaching but what can you discern from the satellite images below test your knowledge of world cities in our quiz is, this quiz will reveal just how familiar you are with some of the most popular apps out there your job is to look at the app icon in each of the 10 images and figure out the name of the app there are. Think you're an aviation expert prove it we collected photos of five airplane tailssee how many logos you can match to the correct airline, an image of a chain link it symobilizes a website link url the advantage is that non english speakers will have the same information about the brand as everyone else logos quiz a mobile game.

She used the same typeface as the dame logo and the company's blue branding before adding subtle graphic animated background elements and button animations rodriguez and fine hope to collect enough, on feb 5 the pew research center released a report public recognized the twitter logo as did 94 of web quiz takers the hardest question for the general public - identifying elizabeth warren.

Remember that once you have created a logo for your band the chances are that it is the logo that you will have for as long as you are around as a band so be clear and upfront with what you produce, apple's original logo from 1976 features a hand drawn image of isaac newton under the tree center in 2 minutes a map of what every state would be if it were a country quiz: can you tell these 16