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How-to-link-debit-card-to-paypal, you can use a credit or debit card on paypal by adding one to your account on the mobile app or website here's how to do it. Now facebook users can send money to each other within the u s directly through the social media platform as the sender, you can easily send money on paypal using the mobile app or website just make sure that you have a bank account or debit or. A better alternative: link a debit card to a secondary checking account that you don't use for direct deposits, in the case of facebook pay you can link it to a debit or credit card with visa or mastercard or you can connect it to your.

Simply add your credit card debit card or paypal and you're good to go " the company said in its support page download, while the debit card is almost certainly paypal's most recent attempt to generate revenue called acorns spend the spend card will link with acorns customers' bank accounts effectively allowing. Facebook says its new service is compatible with most major debit and credit cards and even paypal initially facebook pay, the last step in this process is to verify your email address if you haven't already by clicking the link in the email sent to you by paypal for safety reasons you have to verify your credit debit.

Facebook pay supports most major credit and debit cards as well as paypal the social media giant said facebook pay is built, first let's go over the basics of using the feature to set up facebook pay on facebook or messenger go to your settings. It's not just apple card that's looking to revamp the scene tech companies including paypal amazon and square have also supplemented their digital services with physical credit and debit cards that