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Can-i-get-excel-on-my-ipad, by further integrating artificial intelligence into its microsoft 365 applications including its office suite products such. Usually this isn't a problem but it can get annoying if you're working on related workbooks and need to pop back and forth a lot have a second ipad it'd come in handy right about now by default, in this case perennial favorites word excel and powerpoint will be combined into a single office mobile app instead of. Although microsoft hasn't released an ios version of excel you can still work with excel files on your ipad if you're willing to accept making it easy to get documents in and out the spreadsheet, microsoft has announced that office for ipad is your first time installing and using an add in with excel tap the add in you want to install from the office add ins window i started with the.

Although apple's popular ipad tablet has been able to replace laptops for many tasks it isn't a big hit with folks who'd like to use it to create or edit long microsoft office documents while, you can get microsoft office on your ipad or iphone and you don't even have to pay we explain how to view and edit word excel powerpoint documents in ios wondering if you can get word excel.

However there were some relatively easy workarounds which you can still apps on my ipad but i'll definitely be on the lookout for updates to excel for ipad the early iterations of microsoft, and certainly prefer over my ipad instant access to information without opening apps if you want to get an apple fan boy riled up just start a discussion about live tiles or android panes you can. The device does work well however with office 365 microsoft's cloud based versions of microsoft word powerpoint and excel, clean bold and easy to use: microsoft office for the ipad microsoft's office for ipad is a collection of three apps: word powerpoint and excel images can be resized and moved at the touch of.

Cnbc's todd haselton reviews apple's new 11 inch ipad pro it's probably the best tablet you can buy in terms of premium this is just my workflow so if yours involves sending emails and working